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Diversity Stories

Baboon's laugh at each others' foreheads.

It was 1996 and I was head over heels in love. A love that was only possible in the latter stages of the Apartheid era and the New South Africa. My girlfriend and soul mate was stunningly beautiful, amazing, somewhat younger than me and from a different culture and religion. I was on a delightful and somewhat belated path to a new life, with my first and only wife. (more)

You cannot judge a bean by it's shell.

We live in such a wonderful country. We have had an incredible past and that strange istory has been used by many of us as a catalyst for personal change and growth. And sadly others still hark after the past, or operate as if nothing has changed! And change it has! South Africa has gone from skunk nation status to a place of beauty and wonder. A place where all people can live their lives with self-respect and respect for others. (more)

The Art of Giving

We could see twists of smoke rising high above the trees as we drove towards Bobby mamah's house. Our mood was pensive as we wondered what we would find. We had just received a message that Arthie's mamah's (uncle's) home had burnt to the ground. It had been in the family for more than a hundred years. We drove up a small dirt road and arrived at the still smoking remnants of the home. (more)

I am a Lucky Man!

I am a very lucky man. After a very long time as a self-sufficient bachelor, a beautiful lady came into my life and in a moment I was married to her. I was notoriously slow and fearful in matters of love. Arthie, bless her active spirit, arranged a birthday party for me on my 45th birthday, bought a ring and on bended knee proposed to me! She then waited for me to set the date for the wedding. (more)

Our own New York Taxi Driver

All people are looking for, is a little respect and recognition; 4 steps to getting more from life. - Our Los Angeles shuttle driver looked bemused, after we had greeted and thanked our hotel porter, in Spanish. “I thought you guys were from South Africa. Where did you learn Mexican?” He asked. “Right here, in LA.” I answered. “How long have you been here”, he asked. “Two days”, I answered. (more)

The Programme

A real life story of our social programming and how we only recognise programmes, when we come
face-to-face with them. Until then we are blissfully unaware. (more)

The Git of Receiving

As I sat down I looked around the small African hut. It was larger than I thought it would be and very homely. (more)
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