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I am a lucky man! Part 1 (Go to Part 2 or back to Stories)

I am a very lucky man. After a very long time as a self-sufficient bachelor, a beautiful lady
came into my life and in a moment I was married to her. I was notoriously slow and fearful
in matters of love. Arthie, bless her active spirit, arranged a birthday party for me on my
45th birthday, bought a ring and on bended knee proposed to me! She then waited for me
to set the date for the wedding.

After a brief time she asked me for some time on Valentine’s day - her birthday.
I was hoping to take her on a helicopter, a yacht and a train ride on the day. I knew
Arthie did not particularly like being up early - so I jokingly said, “Ok. How about 2 hours,
between 7 am and 9 am. On the 13th we both participated in a fire walk, once more
proving the resilience of our relationship.

That evening Arthie sent me to the local pub, for a business meeting. Lo and behold, all of my friends were there and I began to put 2 and 2 together! It was my stag party! I felt an amazing rush of excitement - I was getting married the next day!

We arrived early the next morning, at the beautiful Botanic Gardens. I was guided down to the tranquil bird-filled, tree-lined lake to await my beautiful bride. About 30 members of the family and our friends had gathered to witness our wedding. Arthie had arranged for the ceremony to be officiated by a marriage officer. He in turn had gathered as many hymn books as possible and handed them out to our pre-dominantly Hindi guests.

My heart skipped a beat, as my beautifully smiling bride appeared, flanked by her family. She glided stunningly towards me, in her beautiful white wedding gown. Her image was reflected on the walkway in the pools of rainwater, as she stepped into my life and into my spirit.

The ceremony was incredible and many scenes stand out for me. My mother sang “The best things in life are free.” The marriage officer, a lay pastor, decided to carry out a full Christian ceremony. He even had our Hindu families and friends singing Christian hymns! I later found out that he was unsure that I would agree to this “surprise” wedding!

I remember the beautiful birds gliding across the lake and a tiny one-legged bird scrounging for insects as we took our vows. In terms of South African law, we had to sign the registration forms under a roof and we all squeezed tightly into a tiny office, at the garden’s restaurant to do so.

I will always take with me the special love and beauty of my incredible friend, guide and wife - Arthie. She is so much to me and to our little boy Lliam (And now Kailash). She is a nurturer and a leader. She is a doer and designer. She is humble, yet she is strong. She is firm and yet she is sensitive. She is loving and forgiving.

And on top of all this she is a great daughter and daughter-in-law, a marvellous business person, an excellent sister and friend, a teacher and a listener, a shining star and a forward-focussed wunderkind who lives in the now, whilst building her legacy for the future! (Go to Part 2 or back to Stories)
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"At the level of respect, ALL people are equal". Arthie and Brian V Moore - 2001